6 ways cloud voice can help transform your business

July 1, 2020

How cloud voice can help transform your business


The telephone.

For many years, the idea has been the same. The phone rings, and you answer it - if you can. And for many small businesses, this has not changed with the times. You might have a landline number, and or a mobile number for your customers to reach you on.

But what happens if you’re on the phone or can't answer right away? Will your customers call back, or leave a message?

The truth is – many won’t. Most won’t even bother calling the seperate mobile number and that’s a missed opportunity.

For years, larger businesses have had options that help them get the most from their phone contacts – menus to direct customers to the right department, callback systems and answering staff to ensure every enquiry is answered. But if you’re using a traditional landline or mobile system, at best you can divert calls from one to the other – often for a premium cost.

How does cloud voice help small businesses?

With a properly implemented cloud voice system, you immediately unlock flexibility. You can have multiple members of staff able to answer one single number, from anywhere – perfect for home working or mobile workforces.

You can have calls you can’t answer, answered professionally on your behalf – and the cost of this is far lower than you may think, from less than £2 per call.

You can implement time based rules and hunt groups – perfect for 24 hour businesses such as electricians and plumbers, calls can go to the office in the day time and to a duty mobile at night, with no need for dialling complex divert codes or manual call forwarding.

How do I avoid missed calls?

Our call answering solution is great. Never worry about not getting to the phone in time again, or customers hanging up at the sound of a voicemail inbox.

Our call answering service will let you answer the phone when you can – and when you can’t, our professional staff will take a message and time to call back and send it through to you, completely seamlessly – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sounds good. Is cloud voice more expensive?

Cloud voice solutions can cost far less than traditional landline services – Iscaco can help you implement cloud voice for less than £10 per month. If you use the phone a lot, unlimited packages can come in handy. If it’s rarely used, you can save money with a pay as you go style setup.

At Iscaco, we offer a vendor-agnostic solution. We will listen to your requirements and take care of all of the set up of your phone system, from getting a number to recording professional voice prompts where appropriate. We will find the most cost-effective solution, tailored for you, from our selection of tried-and-tested voice providers such as Yay.com and Twilio.

We have tried VoIP, SIP, Skype before and it didn’t work out

There’s no denying that IP Phone systems can be complex. We have deliberately taken the complexity out for our customers – we will listen to your needs and fully design, implement, configure and set up your solution. We can even come and plug the phones in or set up the software on your handset in the Exeter and Devon area (subject to social distancing restrictions) or provide step by step guided assistance over the phone. Our solution offers greater flexibility when compared to Skype and is a lot more cost effective than both traditional BT landline and BT's cloud services.

What about my existing number?

We can help move your existing number to the cloud, or supply you with a new number. The advantage to having your numbers in the cloud is it makes changes easy in the future. No more losing your number when you change broadband provider or even move premises. You can have a Exeter 01392 number, move to premises outside of the 01392 code or even out of the country altogether and your customers will still be able to reach you.

Will I need to change my phones?

We can source dedicated VoIP hardware or implement our voice solutions on your existing phone or phone system. We can even direct calls straight to your mobile over WiFi/4G for reliable, crystal-clear audio.

This all sounds great! How can I get started?

Give us a call on 01392 535999 or contact us through our website for our no-obligation advice on how to get the most from the phone.


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6 ways cloud voice can transform your business