What your email address says about your business

March 1, 2020

It may seem like a trivial matter, but image is often everything when it comes to business. Many SMBs use free emails for all enquires, such as mikesplumbing16@gmail.com or paulsplastering@btconnect.com

While there is nothing wrong with this, for some customers, particularly if you are looking to win commercial contracts, it can provide a less than ideal image.


How to make your email professional
What’s the difference between mikesplumbing16@gmail.com and contact@mikesplumbing.com? A domain name.

A domain name doesn’t cost much – from around £15 to £20 per year. You don’t necessarily need to have a website to go along with it, though with our web design services starting from £79, including email and a domain name that reflects your business, it certainly makes sense to get it all at the same time.

I like my current email service – will I have to change it?
Actually, no – it’s entirely possible to have your professional email address such as enquiries@exeterlaundrette.net to be forwarded to exeterlaundrette@hotmail.co.uk. This way, you don’t need to change anything about your current email set up.

On the other hand, if you want to benefit from our professional hosted email services, you can forward all messages from your existing address to your new one which means you won’t miss any enquiries from your existing customers.

You can if you prefer set up a whole new inbox to keep your personal and work messages organised and we can help set this up.