Why website speed matters

March 8, 2020

You’ve got a great website, you’ve spent lots of time and money ensuring it’s perfect. There’s brilliant content and it looks great, on any device.
Although you’re getting traffic, when you check the analytics the bounce rate (the amount of people who visit and immediately leave without viewing other pages) is high. The phone’s not ringing, your inbox is barren and the orders aren’t arriving. So what could be wrong?


Website speed

How fast your website loads is an incredibly important metric. It can have a large impact on your Google ranking, and is a huge driver for lost orders, conversions and contacts.

What makes it fast

There are three elements that help ensure a website loads fast:

Content caching and optimisation

It’s vital that any images you feature, as well as Javascript and CSS, are as efficient as possible. Every kilobyte that’s not needed will reduce your page speed score. It’s also important to cache any static assets such as images or text that isn’t changed or use a CDN (content delivery network). At Iscaco, we can help you pick the right method to give your website it’s racing stripes.

Web server and how it is managed

A large number of hosting companies will rent a server, and fill it until it’s on its knees and overloaded. As long as the pages load within a few seconds, they’re satisfied. But for every second your page takes to load, research suggests that even a one second delay can cause conversion to drop by 7%. If it takes 5 seconds, 37% of visitors will leave your site.

Network connections and server location

Another large driver in how your website performs is the sort of network – that is, your webserver’s connection to the internet.
Not every datacentre is created equal  – some use secondary connections or don’t employ optimal routing. If there’s too many sites on one server, it can slow everyone down.
Additionally, some hosts out there will host clients on servers in the USA, where it’s often cheaper to operate. Not only can this have some GDPR implications, if the majority of your customers are in the UK, it can take a lot longer as the website’s files have to travel across the pond.

At Iscaco, we use tier one cloud providers such as AWS and DigitalOcean. We use 100% UK – hosted servers for our cloud web hosting. Before deploying new server locations we thoroughly test the network performance for the UK’s major ISPs. Hosting on our platform assures you that your UK customers will enjoy a fast experience.

How page speed is measured

A useful tool is Google’s Page Speed Insights. It’s a useful tool to help work out what needs to be optimised. While not all of it’s suggestions are 100% accurate and often benefit from expert interpretation, it can give you an overall idea of what’s going wrong.

The pitfalls of a CDN

Often a quick solution that’s given out by some blogs and even web hosts is to apply a ‘whole site’ CDN such as Cloudflare. While Cloudflare operate an impressive network, it’s not always a one-size-fits-all fit. It can cause some content such as shopping carts to break, and adds an extra step between your website and your customer. It’s often touted as speeding up sites globally, and while this can help, there are also SEO benefits from having your website hosted in the UK like we do that can be missed when Cloudflare is in use.

At Iscaco we prefer to match our clients up with a CDN  that simply caches static assets without breaking site content.

Is your site too slow?

We can help you do something about it. We’re experts at speeding up websites, and our superfast hosting platform will deliver your content FAST.

Let's Fix It

How we can help

At Iscaco, our hosting uses blazing-fast cloud powered infrastructure to ensure your site loads fast. We use SSD disks and RAM caching to ensure your visitors aren’t left waiting. Plus unlike some CDN platforms we engineer specifically for the UK market, testing on real world connections such as Virgin and BT, as well as the 3G and 4G mobile networks.

We are happy to provide website optimisation advice to all of our hosting clients. For our web design clients, ensuring your site is loading fast for everyone is part of the standard service. For a no obligation chat about how we can help you and your business please contact us.